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General CSE Course Information

To view course descriptions and current home pages for all cse courses, please visit the CSE course information page.

My Current Courses

CSE 100

CSE 100, Computer Science as a Profession, is designed to prepare students for their upcoming years.

My Past Courses

CSE 291 - Freshman Seminar

This one credit seminar for computer science and computer engineering pre-majors surveys the areas of software engineering, computer engineering, and computer applications in information technology from an industrial perspective.

Guest speakers from a wide industry spectrum discuss corporate approaches to computing and technology, state of the art and cutting edge development of software and hardware, and the variety of career opportunities available to computer science and computer engineering graduates.

CSE 491 - Senior Seminar

The Senior Resource Seminar assists students with job searches and career planning. Among other things, the seminar relieves the tensions of the search process, helping you to find not only a better position, but also the right one for you. The topics include travel, resume writing, interviewing, on-site interviewing, picking a company, compensation, career options, and career management.

Each one hour seminar is given by a line manager or senior level executive from one of the Department's Strategic Corporate Partners. In the past, companies invited to present havel included AT&T, Boeing, Crowe Chizek, Dow Chemical, General Electric, General Motors, Intel, Microsoft, Motorola, Mutual of Omaha, Union Pacific Railroad, Zyvex and others.

These corporate partners provide you with access to their companies by advocating for you and advising you.