CSE 335 Project 1: The Aquarium Game

Team Members (2)

Meghan Huynh: Predator feature

Cody Wilson: Prey feature

Classes Created:

CGame, CTimer, CFishPredator, CIsPredator, CPrey, CVisitPrey

Background Information

Fish have already been assigned as predator or prey.

Predator fish: Beta Fish & Bubbles Fish
Prey fish: Nemo & Dory

Predator fish are always on the lookout for prey.
Prey fish are always trying to evade predators.

If a predator overlaps prey, it is eaten and disappears from the screen.

The Game


- The user can start the game by selecting the Start Game menu option under File.
- On selection, the screen will be cleared of any items that have been added by the user.
- The game starts with Dory (prey) placed in the center of the window and 4 Bubble Fish (predator), one placed in each corner of the window, and a time display in the upper left corner.

Game Play

The game will have the user defend Dory against the 4 Bubble Fish that are trying to eat the her.

- The user can keep predators away by clicking on them, causing the predator to become "stunned" and swim in the opposite direction.
- When the predator hits an edge of the aquarium the predator behavior will return and will start swimming towards the prey until the user clicks on the predator again.
- Time will be kept throughout the game and will keep track of how long the user is able to keep Dory alive.


- The action of grabbing fish has been disabled during Game Play
- The user can only "stun" predators while the predator behavior is in effect

Game Over

The game ends when Dory has been eaten by a Bubble Fish, then the following will occur:

- Dory will disappear from the screen
- Timer will stop, displaying the user's game score
- Message "Game Over" will be displayed on the screen

After the game ends the user can start a new game by re-clicking the Start Game menu option.