Career Summary

My professional career as an Information Technology Intern at Eaton Corporation during the summer of 2015. Not only did I gain experience working in the corporate world, I also obtain valuable skills as a project manager and business analyst here. These skill-sets improved my organization, communication, and collaboration soft skills.

Next I worked on Web Design for PTD Technology during my capstone experience in the Information Technology Minor. For this client project, my team and I designed the landings, and student pages for the "My Virtual Counselor" website.

In the summer of 2016, I worked as an Information Systems Intern on the Digital Marketing and Communications team at The Dow Chemical Company. Here I improved and learned much on software development, but my greatest taken-away was that I discovered that I had a great aptitude for tackling any challenge, learning, and figuring out a robust solution.

During Fall 2016 in the computer science capstone experience, my team and I developed Software Development Kits (SDKs) for Symantec Corporation's Validation and Identity Protection (VIP) services.

In addition, I was also working with Professor Griffis in the MSU Department of Supply Chain Management to develop the entirety of his LOGA website (front-end and back-end), as well as, develop an application that is necessary for his students to play the LOGA supply chain simulation game.


Software Engineer and Web Developer

Fall 2016 - Present
MSU Department of Supply Chain Management - East Lansing, MI

Front-end / Back-end Web Developer, and Software Engineer

  • Consult, advise, and gather design requirements in order to develop a robust website and software application solution
  • Design and implement the entirety of the front and back-end website for the instructor and students' usage in the LOGA simulation
  • Create an application that enables the client to gather information, which is utilized in the supply chain management simulation, from graduate and Master of Business Administration (MBA) students

Software Engineer Intern - Capstone Experience

Fall 2016
Symantec Corporation - East Lansing, MI

Computer Science Engineering Capstone

  • Collaborate to develop robust open-source Software Development Kits (SDKs) for Symantec’s two factor authentication software, Validation and ID Protection (VIP), which enable developers and customers to easily and quickly integrate Symantec's VIP into web frameworks (Ruby, Python, and Node.js)

Information Systems Intern

Summer 2016
The Dow Chemical Company - Midland, MI

Digital Marketing & Communication - Core Public Affairs

  • Enhanced the ASP.NET web form administrative tool through means of bug fixes, highlighting and saving capabilities to the output console, and obtaining data from the Commerce Server product catalogs (with filtering capabilities extended to “Business Units”) in order to generate a business detailed/formatted Excel document with minimal overhead time
  • Assisted in trademark search visibility benchmarking
  • Developed a DNS querying application software tool that reads in Excel or text document (containing domains), and then outputs an Excel document filled with the respective IP addresses and primary host server names; this tool is used to further automate and increase productivity in domain renewal decisions
  • Worked on coding and standardizing the new process for retrieving and storing the Business Wire cloud RSS news feed (contains impactful news that affects the company as a whole) into the Sitecore database as a Press Release item

Web Design Intern - Capstone Experience

Fall 2016
PTD Technology - East Lansing, MI

Information Technology Capstone

  • Designed the Virtual Counselor website’s landings page and student profile pages

Information Technology Intern

Summer 2015
Eaton Corporation - Galesburg, MI

IT Project Manager and IT Business Analyst

  • Led the Single-Sign-On (SSO) redesign project for business critical Enterprise software by project managing and documenting essential documentation required in the process
  • Provided assistance for debugging in Eaton’s CRM Desktop (plug-in for outlook that allows users to access Customer 360, a business critical application) through means of script testing
  • Led the way to defining a new archiving strategy for improving future performance and accessibility for Eaton’s Siebel database infrastructure by defining business criteria questions and polling super-users


Notable projects or open source libraries

Skills & Proficiency

Unity 5

Unreal Engine 4

Project Management

PHP & Model-View-Controller


Java (Android)

C# & .NET

C++ & C

SPARC (Assembly)

Python & Django

Javascript & jQuery & AJAX

BootStrap CSS & JS


Windows (Operating System)

Linux (Operating System)

Video Editing


Teochew (Chinese Dialect)