Hello, my name is Allen:
Software, Web, Game Developer, and Project Manager.
It's a honour having you here.
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My current main areas of expertise

Game Programming

Proficient in C# Unity programming. Give me any game programming challenge and I'll be happy to tackle it.

Software Engineering / Project Management

Project management skills ensures organization and task efficiency in all projects. My engineering mindset and my aptitude for picking up new necessary skills quickly results in robust application solutions.

MVC Web Development

Model-View-Controller PHP (Front-end and Back-end web development)


Highlights of my accomplishments


Ongoing/completed programming projects


Securitas: Python SDK for Symantec VIP API

Open-Source Library/Package


Ongoing/completed website projects

LOGA DB management system

LOGA (In Progress)

Entire Website Development

Landings page image

My Virtual Counselor

Website Design


Ongoing/completed game projects

Asylum game screenshot

Asylum: D-Wing

Survival Horror/Thriller (1st Team Project)

Chaos Chamber game screenshot

Chaos Chamber

Multiplayer Battle Arena (2nd Team Project)

Synthesis game screenshot


Story RPG / Turn-Based Strategy (3rd Team Project)

Blue Runner screenshot

Blue Runner

2nd Solo Project - Stepping Stone

About Me

Aspiring Well-Rounded Programmer

Allen Huynh picture
  • Enabling the ability to do through robust solutions, creative thinking, and a desire to succeed and learn

    My forte is to solve challenges that are thrown at me with little or no prior experience on the matter at hand. I learn, think, and apply the optimal solution.

  • My Objective:

    Striving to further improve and gain additional skill sets to be a well-rounded individual in the growing digital world; whether it will be neutralizing security threats to ensure a more ethical/safer world, developing useful applications, or even developing immersive and challenging games that teach important skills/morals

  • Now a little bit about myself...

    For as long as I can remember, I have always been intrigued and in love with technologies and computers. I first started tinkering with Windows 1998 and Windows 2000 at around the age of 4. I began my programming experience with C++ and knew in freshman high school year exactly what I wanted to major in for college, which was Computer Science. I also had a cognate in Spanish and minors in Game Design & Development, and Information Technology.

    My passion runs deep for programming and even more so for game development; ergo, I love challenging myself and learning new skill sets. Along with my passion for development, I also enjoy break dancing, playing competitive games, creating YouTube content, and playing Tennis.

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I will do my best to respond in a timely manner.