Herman D. Hughes


Ph.D., University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Research and Teaching Interests

One great challenge that faces broadband networks is the ability to provide guaranteed performance to diverse traffic types based on their quality of service (QoS) requirements, while at the same time efficiently utilizing the network capacity. Many issues are involved in such performance-driven problems, including the type of guarantees required, traffic characteristics, congestion control mechanisms implemented at various nodes along the patch, bandwidth allocation algorithms, and buffer management schemes. Altogether, these factors determine the performance of the network.

Therefore, the main goal of my research is to develop efficient techniques and accurate models that can be used to provide QoS guarantees for communicating sessions in ATM-based networks. Relevant issues will be studied during the course of this research by using actual performance data from our ATM testbed. Examples of general research topics within the domain of QoS which are currently being studied include:

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Herman D. Hughes

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