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Michigan State UniversityTeam Bikini Bottom


Team Members

Dong Hun Ha
Christopher Cheaney
Clifton Howard

Our Game


Welcome To Bikini Bottom

Welcome, you are Bikini Bottom's new city planner. You have been tasked with protecting the city from floods. How, you ask, can an underwater city be flooded. I think it best we don't find out.

You will notice the water continues to expand towards the city. If the water flows onto one of our buildings or roads it will be destroyed. Even worse, If the cities beloved sparty statue is destroyed all is lost and the city will be evacuated and succum to the flood.

You are not defensless though. You can hire spongebob or one of his many clones to help. Spongebob will absorb water, and in turn temporarily slow the spread of water. Be careful though, he can only absorb so much water before he explodes. You may choose to sacrifice them for the good of the city though, we lack a criminal justice system to prosecute you anyway.

For more permanent protection you can also build walls to hold off the water. Walls take time to build but once completed are impervious to the water. Unfortuantly, neither spongebob or the walls are free.


You must build a thriving economy to keep the people happy and hold off the flood. You need houses for people to live in. Those people will work at your factories to produce materials needed to build walls. Your people will also shop at the stores and generate cash which is needed to buy spongebob as well as walls.

City planning

You can't just build anywhere and expect that to work. Every building needs to be connected to a road to add to the cities statistics. Also all your roads need to connect back to sparty. Our citizens demand they get to drive by sparty on their way to work or shop.



If you want to succeed you must raise our population to 500 citizens. Don't just build apartments though, you also need to have the city statistics in the green to win.



> The economy of the game functions as the sorce of material, cash and the win condition
> The three forms are population, production and shopping. Each of them will have a color: red=bad, yellow = ok, green = optimal
> The houses will increase population, the shops will increase shopping and the factory/warehouse will increase production
> All of the above structures must be connected to Sparty via the roads in order to be counted for the totals
> As long as all the values are relatively close to each other in value they will all remain green.
> If production or shopping are yellow or red, you will recieve a reduced amount of material and cash respectively .1 for red and .5 for yellow
> Shopping and population must remain fairly close in order to stay green,
> as long as production does not exceed population or shopping by more than 50% it will stay green
>All structures cost money to build and the sponges/wall tiles require production as well
> In order to win the game you must reach a population of 500 and it must be green.

Tile Cost

Commerce Tiles


> A road is connected if there is a connection to sparty through neighboring roads
> buildings next to roads are connected to the city and add their production/population/shopping to the city statistics
> Roads Can be rotated while on the ground or while being held by pressing the right mouse button.
> bridges still pass the conenction to sparty to their neighbors.
> Cars are disabled as they have no function.


> When the game starts two water Tiles Spawn Randomly on the map. They Are limited to not spawn near the starting city
> Each game cycle a tile generates units of water. once it reaches it water limit the tile spawns a new water tile on each of its sides.
> If The tile tries to spawn where a city tile is, the neighboringtile is destroyed.
> Spongebob tiles and construction tiles are the only tiles not destroyed by the water.
> Walls are immune to the water
> Spongebob tiles can absorb a limited amount of water before they are destroyed (in current state of the game this is 4 game cycles)


> Walls cost 200 material and 200 cash to purchase
> you first place the wall as a construction site and then double click to start construction
> Until construction is complete, water will destroy the construction tile.
> before you begin the construction you can ctrl-click to buy a new tile to place them faster.


> Spongebobs cost 50 material and 200 cash to purchase
> When encountering water spongebobs will absorb water until they are full and then pop
> Sponges work like walls where they stop neighboring water tiles but not ones they are placed directly on top of
> you can ctrl_click to copy them and move them around at will, Their image changes as an indicator as to how much water they can still absorb

Individual Responsibilities Part 2

Dong Hun Ha - Construction

> Immplemented ability to place and then build walls to block the Water
> Made sparty perform a death animation when Water tries to destroy him
> removing bugs / miscellaneous

Christopher Cheaney - Commerce

> created Sponge Tile class
> worked on CGameManager class
> Implemented economy(getting and updating commerece statistics)
> Implemented purchasing of tiles
> Limited drawing to only display tiles that were withing visible window
> miscelaneous tasks/ debugging

Clifton Howard - Transportation

> Implemented tiles ability to find its neighbors
> Created Water Tiles class and logic for its spreading and destruction of tiles
> handled how each tile type interacted with the water
> worked on CGameManager class
> developed roads ability to check its connection status to sparty tile and to tell commerce tiles if they were connected