Meet the team!

Luke Golonka Stanton

  • Visitor
  • Collision Test
  • Coins

Emilio C Castillo

  • Time / Scoring

Scott Edward Holzknecht

  • Website
  • Player Movement


     You are a scuba diver on a journey to collect gold coins. Avoid the fish though, they want to harm you. Try to survive as long as possible to get the highest score.

     You control your scuba driver my using the arrow keys. You collect coins by simply swimming over them. Fish will be an instant kill on you.

User Interface

      From the file menu, you can save and load aquarium level files. This allows you to save your aquarium level and come back to it later. This also allows you to easily share your aquarium level with friends. Also under file, is the ability to toggle the trash can. You can drag any object to the trash can while it is active to delete that item.

      You can easily add fish from the Add Fish menu. Select the fish species and a fish of that type will appear in the aquarium. Likewise, under the Add Decor menu, you can add decorations to your aquarium.

Part 1