CSE335 Project 1

Matt Hammerly

  • Created web page
  • Added animated treasure chest decor to the aquarium

Andrew MacAfee

  • Implemented scrolling
  • Implemented schooling of beta fish in the aquarium

Adam Jacobs

  • Implemented compatibility with the Visitor pattern in existing code
  • Implemented the 'Environment' aspect of the aquarium

Interface and Instruction

When you run the application, you are presented with an empty aquarium. The hand in the bottom-right corner represents a 'Scroll Mode' toggle; when it is lit, you may click and drag to scroll around the aquarium. When it is not lit, you may click and drag items on the screen to move them.

You may add items in the aquarium using the menus in the toolbar at the top of the window. Under the 'Add Fish' menu, you may select a Beta Fish, a Bubbles Fish, or a Molly Fish. Each fish has a different appearance, and moves around the screen at a different speed. Under the 'Add Decor' menu, you may select Treasure Chest or Bubble Chest. The Treasure Chest is a static decoration, while the Bubble Chest opens and closes periodically, releasing air bubbles into the tank when it does so.

The 'Care' menu has two options: Feed and Clean. As more fish are added to the aquarium, the speed at which it gets dirty increases; when this happens, the tank's appearance changes and you may use the Clean option to revert it. As time passes, fish also grow hungry and will die after some time. To prevent this, select the Feed option.

Under the 'File' menu, there are several more option. You may select 'Trash Can' which will toggle the appearance of a trash can in the corner of the screen. If you click and drag an object into the trash, it will be deleted. Another option, 'Save As', will allow you to save your aquarium's present state to a .aqua file, an XML file format used by this application. The 'Open' option allows you to read such files to restore your aquarium to the screen. The 'Exit' option, expectedly, exits the application.

Description of Aquarium Game

A currency system has been added to the game for Part 2 of Project 1. The user starts with an amount of money, which they can spend on fish or decorations. Their wallet continually fills as time passes. If there is a Bubble Chest in the aquarium, money is gained twice as fast. When items are destroyed, either by death or by trash can, a small amount of money is deducted from the user's wallet. If the user runs out of money, the aquarium is reset and a 'Game Over' occurs.