Team Frank

Austin Gregory (Effects)
Ben Guild (Wavetable synthesizer)
Joe Heldt (Organ synthesizer)
Maurice Wong (Drums synthesizer)
Joe Lockard (Additive synthesizer)
Score Format:

The score files are formatted in the same way as in the fifth step assignment. There are instrument tags that surround various note tags to be played by the instrument specified within the instrument tag. For our project, effects are also considered instruments. So an example instrument tag may look like this:

instrument instrument="Organ"


In between these tags (the second tag is the closing tag) there are a series of note tags. Inside each note tag there are specifications to the measure and beat on which the note is to be played. Also, depending on the instrument, there are more specifications to various details about the note relative to the instrument playing it. So, following the organ example, an example note tag may look like this:

note measure="2" beat="3" duration="3" note="D4" drawbar="626002222" vibratofreq="0" percussion="0"/

All of the instrument and note tags are found in between the opening and closing score tag of the file. The score tag specifies the number of beats per minute and the number of beats per measure for the piece. For example:

score bpm="70" beatspermeasure="4"

Full score file used to generate our audio: Score File