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I Just Got A Motorcycle!

I'll have pictures and such eventually

When I'm not drowning in school work, I'm playing LoL

I'll have a picture of my stats up here at some point

Shameless plug to another site so you can see live stats
Life goals

A friend persuaded me to put this up here, so here goes nothing

Short Term Career Life's Random Ideas
Pass the classes I'm retaking Learn Computer Security Take a road-trip on my Motorcycle
Get back into the college of EGR at MSU Get experience through internships Get my CPL as soon as I am old enough
Raise my GPA to something I'm proud of Actually contribute to a hacking community Jump out of a plane
Graduate before I'm broke Gain a reputation in my field of practice Glide like a flying squirrel
Get a real job Wear half of a white hat and half of a black one Parachute into a European country and try to get back home