CSE 335 Project #1


Team Members

Jacob Price

Michael Suzan

James Estell

Individual Responsibilities

Jacob Price:
- Treasure Chest
- Initial scrolling implementation
- Hand button operation
- Scrolling bug fixes

Classes Used:
- Aquarium
- ChildView
- Item

Michael Suszan:
- Schooling
- Initial scrolling implementation
- Keeping hand button in bottom corner
-Srolling bug fixes

Classes Used:
- Aquarium
- ChildView
- FishAngelSchoolVisitor

James Estell:
- Environment
- Item Visitor
- Web Page
- Fish Scrolling with background
- Srolling bug fixes

Classes Used:
- Aquarium
- ChildView
- Fish
- FishAngel
- FishBeta
- FishClown
- Item
- ItemVisitor
- TreasureChest

User Interface Decisions

Scrolling has a green hand button in the bottom right hand corner. When
clicked it toggles between the scrolling and normal modes. When in
scrolling mode you will no longer be able to move the items in the
aquarium. The scrolling works by dragging the aquarium to the desired

Treasure Chest
To activate the treasure chest there is a menu option in decor. When the
menu option is selected a treasure chest will appear in the bottom left
corner of the aquarium. The treasure chest will remain in that corner
and bubble until the menu option is selected again and it disappears.

When a fish is added to the tank it has 30 seconds before it starves to
death. To prevent this from happening click in the feed menu option in
under care and all of the fish will be feed and not starve for another
30 seconds. The tank will also become dirtier over time. Click on the
clean menu option under care to clean the aquarium tank.

Angel fish are able to school. There is a leader fish which the other
fish follow within a radius. If an angel fish is outside of the radius
of the leader fish, its speed and direction of swimming will be adjusted
until it reaches the inside of the leader fishes' radius.

Part 2 Proposal: The Game

Our game idea is a twist on fishing. The player will be a diver on the
aquarium floor. The diver will be allowed to move left and right
and the aquarium will scroll accordingly. The object of the game
is to hunt fish! Pressing the up arrow will allow the user to
shoot a spear straight up. If the spear happens to hit a fish
the fish unfortunately will have been shot and will float to the
bottom and delete.

Points are earned by hitting fish and different fish have different
values. The user has a set amount of spears and will have a time
limit. The game ends with either all spears are gone or time has
expired. At this point a dialog box will appear with your score
and info about your game.

Part 2: The Fish Hunter

The Game Description

Welcom to The Fish Hunter! The purpose of this game is to hunt
and spear all of the fish in the aquarium. You are a diver at
the bottom of the an aquarium tank. Several fish are added to
the tank as well each moving at different speeds in different
directions. You are given 10 spears intially and a time limit
to hunt as many fish in the tank as you can.

Each type of fish has a different point value and the value of
all the fish that you have speared are added up to give you a
score. And if you score is high enough you can achieve the new
high score for the game.

User Interface Decisions

We added a game menu called hunt fish that handles several of
the operations of the game. There is a start game option that
adds the fish, the diver, creates a spear count, and starts the
timer. The restart game option can be used at anytime during the
game and it will clear the aquarium and start a fresh new game.
The high score option returns a pop up message that displays the
high score for the game. The end game option can be used during
a game to stop the current game and clear the aquarium. And the
rules option displays all of the rules for playing the game.

When you start the game you control the diver:

You can move the diver by using the left and right arrow keys.
You can also use the space bar to have the diver shoot one of its

There are 4 different kinds fish that are present in the aquarium:

Angel Fish (point value: 5)

Clown Fish (point value: 10)

Beta Fish (point value: 20)

Green Bluegill (point value: 50, bonus: 5 extra spears when hit)

For each fish you spear their point value will be added to your
current score. If you current score is greater than the high
score the high score will then display your current score. Once
all of the spears have been fired or all of the fish have been
speared the game will end

Part 2 v. Part 1: Differences

All of the implentations added in Part 1 of the Project have
been removed. The game starts over with Step 3 as a base.