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The newest edition to this years website is the software section. This section will mainly focus on the windows applications I have made or am making that are worth checking out. Most or my windows programming is in Visual Studio 6.0 using MFC, although I have started playing with C# and the .Net. I also dig doing graphics and interface design so my apps are prettier then average. Some of my apps aren't very user friendly yet because most of them are not done yet. Don't worry I will try to finish them up soon. Send me an email and let me know what you think.

download lanX : LanX was originally designed so I could monitor and update the users on my home network of traffic speeds, scheduled downtime etc. It will eventually have a ping function, MSN popup style alert messaging and network traffic monitoring. Currently it is just a chat program which is a small part of what the program will be.
Feel free to download it with a friend and chat away, it required winsock 2.0 and a windows.

percent complete: 70% status: functional

download Q-Linx : I designed Q-Linx for an easy access bookmarker. Sure you can use the Internet Explorer bookmarks but no one ever organizes them and it tends to be a real pain. Q-Linx sits off your screen showing only a small clickable area. When you decide you want to visit a quicklinked site you can click on Q-Linx it will slide out and then you click the page you want to go to. Q-Linx also allows you to automatically log in and check your hotmail,yahoo, or visto mail!
I will be adding drag and drop capabilities, a link editor, and colored buttons when I get some time.

percent complete: 88% status: functional

download skinbrowser : Skinbrowser I started Summer of 2001, seems I code stuff til it works then stop for awhile :) It works but is not done. Eventually I want to make it skinable, currently it is just a program that uses an activeX web object and uses things to change the HTML content. It includes a font you should download and put in your font directory. When I build and installer for it I'll take care of that or include the font as a resource but currently I am not.

percent complete: 60% status: functional

currently underdevelopment : Tired of the same old desktop? Sick of trying to get active desktop to look cool and actually work? Well I am so I'm writing this app. You can make a complete graphical desktop, making buttons look like whatever you want! In the picture those buttons don't have skins on but you can. All you need to do is run the program make the button graphics and configure them. (its pretty easy) Right now the buttons can open an URL, and EXE or an explorer to a directory.

percent complete: 60% status: stable

currently underdevelopment : Some Michigan State Students may kill for this ;) At MSU we have an online enrollment system where you have to log in and try to sign up for a class. 90% of the time it is full and you can't get in, so you have to keep trying all the time hoping you try when someone drops. Well I wrote an application that logs into the system and sits their attempting to get my class until it succeeds. It's not 100% done yet but soon. Don't think I'll offer this up for download but you never know.

percent complete: 85% status: partially functional

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