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I have been doing computer graphics and HTML development since 1994! Design first sparked my intrest during the days of online gaming. In late middle school and early highschool I was a Quake addict. From this came lots of web browsing, clan searching and running into absolutely amazing websites (for their time). Cool web sites absolutely blew my mind, so I picked up an HTML book from the local store started stealing and hacking up sites to figure out what was going on and learned the ins and outs to writing it myself. I hope the designers of the sites I was/am so amazed with are now impressed with my work.

Visit ProSeries Is my latest and first full scale e-commerce website. It consists of complete dynamic and updateable content, that the owners can change, add, and remove clubs. It contains a complete Content Management System with easy point click and type maintanence. It is developed with a PHP and MySql backend complete with images in Fireworks and HTML from Allaire Homesite.

Visit : Hubbard Companies actually found me though the MSU resume section. Seems the owner is an MSU graduate :) This website is mainly and informational site for a subdivison land development company. The site is static, so it is mainly just HTML and images. I used php for random image generation, user logging, includes, and to perform some other tricks of the trade. I had a fun time working with this site and thought the design came out rather well.

cse.msu.edu : Michigan State Computer Science Web Site. This site was designed in 2000 during my first year as a systems manager. It is currently getting redesigned again by myself from the backend. Im designing a content management system so authenticated staff can make updates and changes to the website with minimal efforts.

xtremegamerz.com : XtremeGamerz.com is a East Lansing Founded Counter-Strike Organization. The website is pretty complex it uses php and mysql to dynamically generate its page information. The site is also integrated with the CS server to display up to date stats via the web site. Forums have also been added to help the community gather online and display topics of interest.

lucidfx.com : Lucidfx is the design and development company that I do free lance work under. It is mainly me but occasionally I subcontract work out to friends of mine that due design or dev. This design is about a year old and is static for the most part. Unfortunately I have to pay for web hosting on this site ;) So if anyone knows of someone that can put me up with some php/mysql year round for free let me know.

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