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 Area: Software and Web Applications
 Name: Ryan James Doom
 Height: 5'11''
 Weight: 165 lbs
 Eye Color: Brown
 DOB: 2-10-1981
 Restrictions: none
 Type: 0 CY
 Hobbies: Coding,Photografia,Graphix, Tkd
 Close Possesions: 21' monitor/2pcs/dig cam
 Colors: Yellow / Black / Orange / Blue
 Expressions: 'But the theory is sound'
 Drink: Mt Dew / Frapachinos
 Current Movie: Lock Stock & 2 smokin barrels
 Languages: C++ / C / C# / VB / ASP / PHP ...
 Fav Ware: Fireworks / Homesite / VS 6.0

Who is Ryan Doom you ask? Well if that is your question, the answer is not here. If you really want to know who I am get a hold of me and find out. Here I will give you a brief introduction. I am a Computer Science Junior with a cognate in Telecommunications at Michigan State University. During the last two summers I have worked at Neoworx Inc, in Dayton Ohio, writing code for the web and for their software. For the school semester I am a systems manager for the CSE department room 3200 engineering building. We are the guys to blame when the computers aren't working right ;) I don't handle much of the workstations for the students, my main area of concentration for the deptartment is the web. I develop, maintain and organize things that need to be on the web.

I will be living on 532 abbott rd, probably til I graduate :) 8 of my good friends and myself decided to get a house, and it's working out great, tons of fun. In my spare time I like to hang with the dudes I live with, participate in MSU's Tae Kwon Do club, and a ton of computer related stuff that I will bore you with on other pages of this site.

Counter Strike is an awesome half life mod. I play when I have the bandwidth and time.

:: counter-strike.net
Big hobby of mine is coding :) I dig making cool Windows apps and php/database utils.

:: VC++ Forums / Resources
:: PHP Forums / Resources
lucidfx is my company in which I do free lance web design and software development from.

:: lucidfx.com