Now updated for Part 2!

Team Responsibilities

Evan Hlavaty -> Implemented main version of the scrolling feature, visitor pattern, feeder/cleaner functionality, and overall group assistance. Created fish net object functionality as well as swimming fish positioning and initial game structure. Implemented notification prompt boxes. Contributed to overall group tasks with fixes for efficiency in code as well as structuring the overall game class.

David Gilbert -> Implemented schooling fish class functionality as well as various scrolling debugging. Improved game interface by co-developing score and time counter as well as the fish capture checks. Improved the link and behaviors between the fish classes and game class. Contributed to overall debugging and class/method functionality with overall game class structure.

Joe Dinkha -> Designed and maintained project website as well as treasure chest animation object and overall group tasks. Initial gameplay design/debugging for swimming/catching fish, linked fish and game functions with score and time keeping. Co-developed and finalized score/time keeping updated display. Implemented Shark game-ending method. Contributed to class/game functionality with code cleanup and game balancing.

Aquarium Interface / Features

Scrolling Feature -> Utilize the hand toggle to scroll left/right and up/down the aquarium interface within the program window. Fishes and item locations are placed and positioned accordingly to where the screen is scrolled to. Turn off scrolling by toggling the hand icon again.

Environment -> Use the "Care" menu option to feed fish (they get hungry, so feed them or else they will die!). Cleaning the tank once it gets dirty is also an option to select. Time intervals for fish death are 20 seconds before they starve at 30 seconds (total) and float up The tank will get dirty at 15 seconds, dirtier at 30 seconds, and dirtiest at 60 seconds.

Schooling Fish -> Dory fish in our aquarium having a schooling aspect. The fish will swim together but with slight variations in each fish's swimming style. One dory fish leads the others in swimming motion.

Animated Treasure Chest -> Separate from the decor treasure chest, this Sparty Treasure Chest is an animated item that you can select from the "Add Decor" menu option. It will appear and animate from intervals of 5-15 seconds, from being closed to open, and quickly releasing an air bubble to the top of the aquarium. Sparty's treasure is not only worth more but is actually in motion!

FishNet Game!

Original Outline:
Our game idea for Part 2 will be a fish catching game based on the objective of attaining the highest score possible without catching a shark (which ultimately ends the game). Users will control a net with a fixed X (moveable Y) position as the fish swim from the side of the screen, the higher score you get for catching fish, the more the speed of the fish will increase (as well as higher appearance of game-ending sharks). The object of the game is to attain the highest score without catching a shark within one minute!

Game Rules / Instructions:
1) Use the mouse to move the fish net up and down.
2) You have one minute to catch the fish to get as many points as possible, but WATCH OUT for the SHARKS!!!
3) If you catch a shark, the game instantly ends.
4) Angel Fish are worth 10 points and Beta Fish are worth 5 points.
5) Lastly if you miss a fish and it goes off-screen, the points will be negative!

Project 1 - Part 2 -> Completed 10/16/2014