Dennis Phillips

Full Time at my age?

32 years ago I graduated from MSU with a Masters Degree in Computer Science and here I am again.  As if pursuing a PhD part time while working a full time job wasn't crazy enough, in July 2011 I became a full time graduate student complete with a Graduate Assistantship.



This NSF funded project developed a wireless sensor system for real-time volcano monitoring. The purpose of this system is to analyze seismic signals and compute in near real-time three dimensional tomographic model of the volcano's internal structure.

To date there have been two deployments- July 2012 on the Tanguarahua Volcano near Banos Ecuador and 2015 on Volcano Lliama near Melepuco Chile. More information concering these two deployments can be found here. For more information about the seismic sensors deployed on Lliama can be found here.

Tungurahua Volcano

Tungurahau Volcano

The view out my hotel room window on the last day.

Rocking the trencher!

Dennis using trencher

Working hard putting in a new power line to the garage.