Melissa Dale

PhD Candidate, Computer Science - Michigan State University


My research explores methods to advance the state of the art in computer vision, ways to visualize the output of these methods, and how to understand the link between the algorithms and the people that use them.


I am passionate about helping people learn the concepts I myself have struggled to learn. In addition to paid positions, such as being a teaching assistant and Montana State University Instructor, I am active on StackOverFlow, creating YouTube video tutorials.


Activities that support women in technology and introducing children to STEM are important ways I give back.

Professional Profiles


In addition to asking my own questions, I make an effort to help other people succeed where I had previously struggled.


My public facing code repositories for my research and the tutorials I create. A few highlighted repos include:

  • Grime Injector This repo contains the code for the design pattern decay simulator I created for my master's thesis.
  • Learning Kivy For my new research in Machine Learning and Computer Vision, I am working on a python Kivy app. This code is not my project, but demonstrates the learning process of app development through small toy apps.


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Google Scholar

Information on my research publications, a work still in progress! Prior to 2016, my master's research publications focused on Software Engineering. My PhD research is a different direction, publications to come!


I have a few tutorials and how-to videos on YouTube! Highlighted video and my favorite comments from strangers:

  • "Holy cow! This video saved my sanity .. thanks a lot Melissa´╗┐"
  • "Thank you so much, you're an absolute legend. I've been looking all over for a way to install tensorflow (I had a lot of complications with wrong default python versions on my mac and just many many problems overall on my pc) to both mac and windows and this method works for both. Thank you!"
  • "You r a God..Thanks a Millions ..i was hitting my head against the wall trying to install tensor flow"

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