Some software for pattern recognition

Plenty of software has been developed for different practitioners of pattern recognition. The following are perhaps the three most well-known.


More details here: LIBSVM : A Library for Support Vector machines

SVM light

More details here: SVMlight : Support Vector Machine software


PRTools is a toolbox for pattern recognition implemented in Matlab. It is developed in DELFT in the Netherlands. It is very well documented, and is probably the best general toolbox for pattern recognition in Matlab.


Weka is an open source project in java intended for data mining. Weka also contains the implementation of many common classifiers. In particular, you may want to check out the weka.classifiers java package. Weka is well documented; you can access its documentation from the web site above.


Matlab has a plethora of tools which are useful in implementing and testing Pattern Reocognition algorithms.
If you come across other useful tools for pattern recognition, please let us know so that we can post a link to them here.