CSE470 -- Software Engineering

Instructor Information

Sections 1-3: T,Th, 10:20-11:40, Comm Arts 173

Instructor: Dr. W. McUmber

Class: T, Th: 10:20-11:40

Office Hours: T, Th: 11:40-12:40; or by appointment


Teaching Assistants:

Arun Subramanian (subrama6@cse.msu.edu)

Office Hours:  MW: 2:40- 3:40 p.m.

Saravanan Palanisamy (palanis1@cse.msu.edu)

Course Information


  Survey (PDF -- print and answer)

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  Homework Assignments

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  Lab Assignments



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  • Example exams:
  • Fall 2000
  • Fall 2001

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