General Information, Autumn 2017

Course Description

Theory and practice of programming language translation. Languages, grammars and parsing. Lexical, syntactic and semantic analysis. Compile-time error handling. Code optimization and code generation.

Instructors and Office Hours

     Instructor: Dr. Joshua Nahum
     Instructor's Office: EB 3504
     Instructor's Office Hours: By appointment.
     Help Room Hours (all in Anthony 3211 (Engineering Space)):
  • Monday 3pm-5pm (Grant)
  • Tuesday 10am-noon (Zizhen) and 4:30pm-6:30pm (Riley)
  • Wednesday 3pm-5pm (Grant)
  • Thursday 10am-noon (Zizhen) and 4:30pm-8:30pm (Riley/Zizhen)

Note: All written communication should be directed though Piazza. You can send private messages or public posts depending on your preference. Emails will not be responded to.

Instructor Photos

Dr. Joshua Nahum Dr. Joshua Nahum

Riley Annis Riley Annis

Grant King Grant King

Zizhen Wang Zizhen Wang


A syllabus is also available. The grading breakdown, course policies, and expectations are described within.


The schedule contains links to the lecture slides, lab exercises, and other class materials. All due dates can be found within.