A grand challenge facing artificial intelligence is how to integrate the key ingredients of intelligence (e.g., perception, planning, and learning) to build robots that carry out useful tasks. These tasks can range from simple chores, such as recycling trash in offices, to helping in major scientific missions, like looking for intelligent life on Mars. This course will view robots as instances of general computational entities called agents that are embedded in some large dynamic environment (i.e. the physical world). A team project is the major focus of this capstone course. Students will form groups to design and build a complete working robot, using a robot simulator. The simulator is based on an actual Nomad200 mobile platform called PAVLOV, a state-of-the-art robot recently acquired by the CPS department.   

  • Instructor: Dr. Sridhar Mahadevan
  • Email: 
  • Meeting Times: Tue/Thu 10:20-11:10 AM 
  • Classroom: WH C313 
  • Office Hours (in 2138 EB)
  • TUE 3-4 PM 
  • THU 3-4 PM 
  • or by appointment
  • LAB: EB 3352. Timings shown below. 
    Section I Lab     M/W  3:00 - 4:50
    Section 2 Lab     T/Th  12:40-2:30
    Section 3 Lab     T/Th 7:00 - 8:50P

  • o Text: Artificial Intelligence: A New Synthesis by Nils Nilsson , Morgan-Kaufmann 1998

  • Course Prerequsites: CPS 440, and programming skills in C. 
  • Grading Policy 
    Homework and Reading Assignments  20% 
    Mid-Term Exam  20% 
    Group Project  60%