CSE440: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Fall 2015

Time 10:20-11:40am, Monday and Wednesday
Location: 1230 Engineering Building 
Professor: Joyce Chai, 2138 Engineering Building, 517-432-9239, jchai AT cse DOT msu DOT edu
Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday:  11:40-12:40pm, or by appointment
Textbook: Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach (3rd Edition)  by Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig, Prentice Hall, 2010
TA: Qiaozi Gao, qiaozikl@gmail.com
TA Office Hours: Tuesday and Friday, 1-3pm,  EB3203

Course Description:

This is an introduction course to artificial intelligence covering fundamental topics in problem solving, heuristic search, knowledge representation, inference, planning, probabilistic reasoning, learning, and natural-language processing. 

Course Grades:

Six written homework assignments 30%
Three programming assignments 20%
Midterm 1 15%
Midterm 2 15%
Final Exam 20%

Homework and Examinations:

The work in this course consists of six written homework assignments, three programming projects, two midterm exams, and one final exam. The written assignments must be turned in at the beginning of lecture on the day it is due. The programming projects are due before the midnight of the due date (through handin facility). No late homework will be accepted. Exams will be close book. There will be NO make-up exams except under extremely exceptional circumstances which must be documented and discussed with the professor ahead of time. The final exam will be comprehensive. 

Due date
Homework 1: September 21
Homework 2: October 5
Homework 3: October 19
Homework 4: November 9
Homework 5: November 23
Homework 6: December 2
Programming assignment 1 October 5
Programming assignment 2 November 5
Programming assignment 3 December 7
Midterm 1 October 7 (Wednesday)
Midterm 2 November 11 (Wednesday)
Final Exam: Wednesday, December 16, 12:45-2:45 p.m.

Tentative Schedule of Topics

Topic Reading
Sept. 2 Introduction  Chapters 1
Sept. 9 Intelligent Agent, Search Chapter 2
Sept. 14, 16 More search Chapter 3
Sept. 21, 23 Games, Constraint Satisfaction Chapter 5.1-3, Chapter 6.1-5
Sept. 28, 30 Propositional Logic and FOL Chapter 7, Chapter 8.1-4
 Oct. 5, 7 Logic-based Inference and Midterm 1 Chapter 9.1-5
Oct. 12, 14  Prolog and Parsing Programming in Prolog, Chapter 1-4
Oct. 19, 21 DCG and Parsing in Prolog Programming in Prolog, Chapter 9
Oct. 26, 28 Planning, Knowledge representation, Chapter 10.1.1-10.2.2, Chapter 12. 1-3,
Nov. 2, 4 Uncertainties, Bayes rules, Review Chapter 13,
Nov. 9, 11 Bayesian networks  and Midterm 2 Chapter 14.1-3
Nov. 16, 18 Bayesian network  Cont. Chapter 14.4-5, 
Nov. 23, 25 Decision Trees Chapter 18. 1-3
Nov. 30, Dec. 2 Concept learning, NLP Chapter 18.7.1-18.7.3, Chapter 19. 1,
Dec. 7, 9 Robotics, Review Chapter 17.5.1,

Course materials are here for your reference. 

Academic Honesty:

Your grade should reflect your own work. Copying or paraphrasing someone's work (code included), or permitting your own work to be copied or paraphrased, even if only in part, is not allowed, and will result in an automatic grade of 0 for the entire assignment in which the copying or paraphrasing was done. Please talk to the instructor if you have trouble completing an assignment.

Alternative Testing:

Alternative testing is available to those with a documented disability affecting performance on tests. Students with documented disabilities requiring some form of accommodation receive a Verified Individualized Services and Accommodations (VISA) document which displays verified testing accommodations when appropriate. Please visit Alternative Testing Guidelines if applied. 

Notes: The instructor reserves the right to modify course policies and the course calendar according to the progress and needs of the class.