Week 12

What's up this week

  • I'm putting this info up early for folks who want to get started on Project 10. It is some work and will take some time.
  • You are working on project 10 this week. It is due Monday, 4/16




Please go to D2L , Login and do the prelab. Due 4/12 by midnight


lab12. If online, due 4/13 by 5:00pm. Online folks, this is a multi-parter, do as much as you can. The graders are aware this there is a lot here and you may not get everything done. However, it is really in your best interest to get as much done as possible, as you need it for the project.

Project 10

Project 10. It is due on Mimir by midnight, April 16th.


example code


The Stack class series

using a stack
stack as a vector
a bad stack, dynamic memory
fixing the bad stack
copy and swap
dynamic stack
templated stack using vector
templated stack, dynamic memory

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