Week 10

What's up this week

  • Second midterm is on Nov 7th, Tue, 7pm in 1281 ANH (same as last time). Review sheet is here . It is comprehensive but the focus is on material since the first midterm.
  • Though the videos have been useful, I think this week the examples and the readings will be particularly helpful. C++ classes are a bit tricky and we need to pay attention to some of those details. Please take a look this week
  • You are working on project 9 this week.




Please go to D2L , Login and do the prelab. It is listed on your calendar. It must be completed before midnight on Thur, 11/09.



Project 09

Project 9. It is due on Mimir by midnight, Nov 20th. That's two weeks because of the midterm


example code


Starting with C++ classes

C++ Classes 1
Classes 2
Classes 3
Constructors (ctors)
Class Initialization Lists
Copy Constructor
Overloaded Operators
Instrumented Clock Class

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