Week 6

What's up this week

  • I'm working on the honors project1, it will be up this week. Please see the Honors rules for how the honors project works.
  • You are still working on project 5 this week.
  • Readings



    Please go to D2L , Login and do the prelab. It is listed on your calendar. It must be completed before midnight on Thur, 10/11


    lab6 . This is an important one as it teaches you how to write separate files for your projects. We use this approach for project 05 and all subsequent projects.

    Note there are two test cases for the two separate assignments in the same lab.

    As always, lab for 730 section is due 10/12 before 5.

    Project 05

    Project 5 . It is due on Mimir by midnight, Oct 15th.


    example code


    Separate Compilation

    Header files
    Headers and Function Defaults


    Vectors 1
    Vectors 2
    Sieve Example
    Split Example
    2D vectors

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