Week 6

What's up this week

  • Honors project is up on the here and on the front web page. The Honors rules have also been updated. Take a look.
  • You are still working on project 5 this week.
  • The split video has been repaired and sound restored. Interestingly, the video has been up since 02/01/17 and nobody ever said a word. Thanks for those who posted.
  • Finally, I have found copies of the 232 projects on chegg, a pay-to-solve site. For nearly everyone in the course, you are working hard to learn the material so this has nothing to do with you. But for those few others …

    First, how sad! If you are posting the projects on chegg to get someone to solve your projects for you, I woud suggest you find another major. It doesn't seem you are cut out for this line of work.

    Second, I will do what I can to find who is posting things to chegg and other pay-to-solve sites. When found, I will give you a 0 for a course and file for further sanctions with MSU.




Please go to D2L , Login and do the prelab. It is listed on your calendar. It must be completed before midnight on Thur, 10/12.


lab6 . This is an important one as it teaches you how to write separate files for your projects. After project 05, we will always use this approach to turn our stuff in.

Note there are two test cases for the two separate assignments in the same lab.

Project 05

Project 5 . It is due on Mimir by midnight, Oct 16th.


example code


Separate Compilation

Header files
Headers and Function Defaults


Vectors 1
Vectors 2
Sieve Example
Split Example
2D vectors

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