Week 3


  • We are seeing some high submission rates on Mimir, like in the hundreds for project 2. We suspect that means people are not testing locally before submitting. In the end, Mimir will prove difficult to use for bigger projects. Consider doing some local testing on your system of choice (including the MobaXTerm approach of the videos) before you submit.
  • Test cases come in groups, hidden and not-hidden. Test cases are labeled as to what they are testing, and the hidden and un-hidden in the group test the same things, just slightly differently. If you are not getting a hidden case, look at the spec and see what you might be missing for the kind of test you are stuck on.

    Especially as the week progresses, you can be assured that the hidden test cases are working, because if they had not, we would have heard about them and fixed them.

For the week

  • Watch the videos, look at the readings/slides. readings
  • Prelab: Due 09/20 (Thur) before midnight on D2L. Hey, do them before the labs. They will help both with the lab and the project.
  • Attend your scheduled lab section for the lab. As always, Section 730 lab due 09/21 (Friday) 5pm to Mimir
  • Project due midnight, September 24th before midnight.


Please go to D2L , Login and do the prelab. It is listed on your calendar. It must be completed before midnight on Thur, 09/20


lab3 Except for online students you can wait to do this during your scheduled lab. We think that is a benefit of being in a scheduled section, working with other people to solve problems.

Project 03

Project 3 . It is due on Mimir by midnight, 09/24.

Like the previous project, some points will be held for grading by the TAs. Max test score is 16/20.


example code


Intro to Functions
More about C++ Variables
Reference types
Const types
C++ auto and using statements
unsigned types

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