Week 3


Some pertinent items from the last week:
  • New Late Policy on Projects Starting with Project 3, the Mimir submission is set up so you can be one day late. It will automatically dock you 50% of your grade. No need to inform us, Mimir will handle the grade change. After 1 day late, you get a 0.

    After one day, you will not be able to submit the project and will get a 0. All other submissions (lab, prelab) remain fixed to the due date. No late submissions.

  • Cannot upload scores to D2L D2L has a bug introduced over the course of the summer that prevents uploads of more than 50 at a time. As you can imagine, that is a problem for a class of 400.

    Until the bug gets fixed, you will have to look at Mimir for your project grades (which is where we would have uploaded them from anyway). I'll keep you informed.

  • Not midnight, 11:59 now . There seems to be some confusion on time. I have scheduled prelabs and projects to be due at midnight. For example, if a project was due before Monday midnight, I would set the time to be Tue 12:00 am. That has confused some folks so I'm setting deadlines at 11:59 pm instead

  • For those mac users who are trying to get Atom to work off of x2go, the fix is to place a copy of this file init.coffee in your .atom (note the dot in front of the name atom) directory. Should work then.
  • For the week

    • Watch the videos, look at the readings/slides. readings
    • Due 9/21 before midnight on D2L. Hey, do them before the labs. They will help both with the lab and the project.
    • Attend your scheduled lab section for the lab. As always, Section 730 lab due 9/22 3pm to Mimir
    • Project due midnight, Sept 25.


    Please go to D2L , Login and do the prelab. It is listed on your calendar. It must be completed before midnight on Thur, 9/21.


    lab3 Except for online students you can wait to do this during your scheduled lab. We think that is a benefit of being in a scheduled section, working with other people to solve problems.

    Project 03

    Project 3 . It is due on Mimir by midnight, Sept25.

    Like the previous project, some points will be held for grading by the TAs. Max test score is 16/20.


    example code


    Intro to Functions
    More about C++ Variables
    Reference types
    Const types
    C++ auto and using statements
    unsigned types

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