Week 2

411 for the week

  • We won't count lab00 towards your lab "quota". Too many people adding late and the like. So only lab01 through lab13 matter for your lab quota.
  • Helproom hours are up and running. If you have questions or want to talk about videos, slides, examples, labs, projects etc., try those out. help room link . It's also on the main page.
  • Safari (on a mac) doesn't seem to play well with Mimir. Use Chrome. It's better and works on all platforms.
  • Atom doesn't work on x2go using a mac. However, if you download it to your laptop it works fine.
  • Remember, you can miss any two labs, no excuse required. You don't need to explain it to me or anyone. If you miss because you are sick or out of town or slept in or whatever. Don't use them up all at once!
  • There are due dates for the Pre-lab (Thur midnight), the project (Monday midnight) and if you are Section 730 there is a deadline for the lab (Friday, 3pm, end of the last lab). There is no makeup for being late.




Please go to D2L , Login and do the prelab. It is listed on your calendar. It must be completed before midnight on Thur, 9/14.


lab2 .

Except for online students you can wait to do this during your scheduled lab. We think that is a benefit of being in a scheduled section, working with other people to solve problems.

Project 02

Project 2 . It is due on Mimir by midnight, Sept 18.


example code


If Statements
While Statements
for loop
Continue and break
Characters and character count example with if statements
Character count example with switch

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