Week 0

There are no scheduled labs the first week of class. Nonetheless look at lab00 (below) on your own and get your setup going:

  • Log into D2L and use the Mimir link to set up your Mimir account. You need it for labs and projects.
  • Log into Piazza (use the link off the left side of the cse232 page).
  • Read about the class via the syllabus and the FAQ.
  • Try the coding on lab00. Lab00 does not count in the calculation of lab grades for the semester. However, you can try it and see how things work. If you can't get it to work don't worry, you'll go over that material again the first lab.

Look at the readings and the videos to get setup for the coming semester. Do it now, you'll be too busy later to figure out all the details.

  • No project this week


lab 00


example code




First Program
Second Program
Compile and Link Errors

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