Your workflow

Hard to believe, but the biggest challenge for this class is typically the weekly workflow. Every week, you have to :
  • Do a prelab
  • Write a lab program
  • Write a homework project

Every week! The only week you don't have a project due, you have a midterm instead. You have to stay on top of things. If you miss (a lab, a project) there is no makeup! You have to move on to the next week because something is due then as well. Here is some schedule proposals to help keep you on track.

Each week, you should think about doing the following:

  • Go to the Weekly link to look at the relevant material for the week.
  • Look over the slide pdf's for the week
  • If there a book chapter is provided, look that over as well (We'll see how often I can get ahead enough to provide a chapter).
  • Look at the listed Examples. Do you understand them? If not, can you ask a question (lecture, piazza, lab)?
  • Look over the projects early . Don't write code, just read it. Do you understand what is being requested? If not, ask a question (lecture, piazza, lab).

Sections 1-14, Suggested Schedule

  • Look at slides
  • read project
  • read lab
  • Look at the videos for the week
  • Do the prelab exercise
  • Look over your lab solution. Should help with the project
  • Look over Example code as well. Also helpful for the project
  • Should be writing code for Project by now. If you didn't understand something, make sure you attend helproom or ask on piazza.
  • Turn something into Mimir . Do it all the time! Remember, only the last one counts so keep doing handin
  • Finish up the project
Project due before midnight

Section 730, Online

Most of the same advice applies, but there are a few differences for you because:

  • You can't do the worksheets in lecture, so instead we are going to make weekly "quizzes" on d2l for you to do.
    • Do the online prelabs
  • Labs. You don't go to a physical, face-to-face lab, so we have you turn in the lab exercise to Mimir, just as you would the project. Again, we are not grading these but look for "good faith effort".

So to add to your schedule:

  • Your lab session is due Thursday before midnight every week. Use handin to turn it in, every week.
  • You must finish your d2l prelab also Thursday before midnight every week. Go to d2l
  • I will try to schedule a "meeting" every week, sometime in the evening, so that if you want to discuss issues for the week, you can. It will not be a lecture, it will not be a review. It will be question, answer and writing code kind of thing. I'll let you know when I get that scheduled.