Fall 2020 - Hybrid Offering Information

Fall 2020's offering of CSE 232 will have asychronous lectures (posted as videos) and synchonous labs (Zoom meetings with TAs). CSE 232 has reserved a computer lab (EB 3345) for use by students in this course who wish to make use of it. Attending lab in-person is entirely optional (you will be interacting via Zoom regardless), and there will be no presence TA in the physical lab due to social distancing guidelines. TL;DR You can attend this class entirely remotely should you choose to do so.

General Information, Summer 2020

Course Description

Introduction to Programming II: Learn how to use the C++ language effectively, to write readable, and efficient programs. Learn how to use the abstractions in the language, as well as writing your own abstractions. Learn about the static type system, and the C++ compilation model. Learn how to use simple data structures, and write some of your own.

Lectures will be held every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, from 3:00 - 4:50 pm, via zoom. An invite will be sent to your registered MSU email id before the start of the first class.

Instructor: Nitash C G
Nitash C G

TA: Titus Merriam
Titus Merriam

TA: Abhiram Durgaraju
Abhiram Durgaraju

TA: Honglin Bao
Honglin Bao

All written communication should be directed though Piazza. You can send private or public posts depending on your preference. Emails may not be responded to.

If you would like a private meeting with the instructor, please make a private Piazza post detailing your request and availabilities.


A syllabus is also available. The grading breakdown, course policies, and expectations are described within.


The schedule contains links to the lecture slides, lab exercises, and other class materials. All due dates can be found within.