CSE 232 - Introduction to Programming II

Continuation of object-centered design and implementation in C++. Building programs from modules. Data abstractions and classes to implement abstract data types. Static and dynamic memory allocation. Data structure implementation and algorithm efficiency. Lists, tables, stacks, and queues. Templates and generic programming.

Summer 2022


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Course Schedule

It should be assumed that all assignments are due by 10:00 PM ET on their respective due dates. Due dates are subject to change, but if a change is made, an announcement will be posted to Piazza.

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Week Lectures Due on Monday Due on Thursday
2022-05-16 Week 1 Homework 00
2022-05-23 Week 2 Homework 01 Homework 02
2022-05-30 Week 3 Homework 03 Homework 04
2022-06-06 Week 4 Homework 05 Mid-term Exam
2022-06-13 Week 5 Homework 06 Homework 07
2022-06-20 Week 6 Homework 08 Homework 09
2022-06-27 Week 7 Homework 10 Final Exam

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