CS1 Python Programming Projects Archive

In 2007 we switched our CS1 course to Python from C++. In 2012 we switched from Python2 to Python3. We have now accumulated many programming projects (over 100 at last count), and thought that it would benefit the CS1 Python community to share them. Solutions are here, but we haven't figured out the best way to share them.

This archive is organized on the order that we cover topics. File reading is built into projects early. Our programming projects generally take one week so we do ten or eleven in a semester—skipping exam weeks.

We would like to have others add to this collection. That is, open it up so that it isn't our material, but everyone's material. When we find a suitable forum that allows easy uploads for sharing we will do so. Therefore, this is a temporary location.

If you find problems with this page, email us.

William Punch and Richard Enbody, The Practice of Computing Using Python, 2nd. Ed book cover image

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