CSE 471

Additive Synthesis

Components: The additive synthesizer supports polyphony, sound cross-fading, vibrato, and envelope generation. Envelope generation was accomplished by implementing the AR class to support this functionality. These are fixed values. Polyphony is achieved within the XML document by having multiple notes playing concurrently. Sound cross-fading was accomplished by implementing a class called CrossFade. This takes in two source sine waves and interpolating between the two based on the input in the XML. Vibrato works in the AddSines class. It will vary based on the input in the XML file.

CSE 473

PeachPuff presents: Bee Dynasty Bat Challenge

Instructions: Our game consists of a bat where the user controls it. It's goal is to collect coins for 100 points while avoiding the killer bee that is chasing you. Collect butterflys to slow down the bee because it will continue to get faster as the game goes on. Use space key to move the bat and the left and right arrow keys to orient the bat either left or right, respectively. High score is saved as a text file.

James Cracchiolo

Bat.cs, SplashGameScreen.cs, DirectionGameScreen.cs, Project1GameScreen.cs, GameScreen.cs

Collin Myers

Bee.cs. Camera.cs, Field.cs, CoinField.cs

Omar Ali

ButterflyField.cs, highScore, Audio files