Drum Synthesizer - Jason Ostroski

How it Works

The drum instrument plays 19 separate wave files for each sample by a wavetable.
These high quality samples were hand selected from my personal collection of drum samples.
Initially, I created an ASDR Envelope for the wavetable samples.
However, decided I preferred the sound of them without the ASDR Envelope and chose to utilize this envelope for the Generated Drum sound.

The 20th drum sound is my generated drum.
This sound was created by adding many sine waves at different phases and frequencies.
This sound goes through the ADSR Envelope. This sound is best with a very short duration (such as .1) and gives off a nice chirp. This sound can be played over the other drums,which fulfills the polyphonic requirement.

The only requirement I did not meet is the varying pitch playback from tables.

Score File General Format
Format ItemDescription
scoreOuter-most tag - Contains bpm and beatspermeasure as variables
bpm="240"Number of beats per minute
beatspermeasure="2"Number of beats per minute
instrumentContains variables for type of instrument and within it contain all specifics of notes.
Note="5d"Plays the note as described in the notes.h file
Measure="2"Which measure to play the note at
Beat="2"Which beat within the measure to play the note at
Duration=".5"How long to play the note for

Drum Synthesis Specific Formatting
Format ItemDescription Sample Line
instrument="Drum"How to declare an instrument for first 19 drum sounds. Must enclose all notes that will be played this way. <note measure="1" beat="1" duration="1" c1="1"/>
c#="1" Cymbals, where # is 1 to 4, indicating different cymbal sounds.
hh#="1" Hi-hats, where # is 1 to 2, indicating different hi-hat sounds.
k#="1" Kicks, where # is 1 to 3, indicating different kick sounds.
p#="1" Percussion, where # is 1 to 5, indicating different percussion sounds such as shakers or clicks.
s#="1" Snares, where # is 1 to 2, indicating different snare sounds.
t#="1" Toms, where # is 1 to 3, indicating different tom sounds.
instrument="GenDrum" A name or note is not required for this sound. It is the generated drum noise as described above. <note measure="1" beat="3" duration=".1" />

Component Name Score File Sound File
Additive Synthesizer Michael Chouinard Score File Sound File
Subtractive Synthesizer Luke Pritchett Score File Sound File
Drum Synthesizer Jason Ostroski Score File Sound File
Recorded Performance Synthesizer Yanning Xue Score File Sound File
Effects Component Stephanie Brown Score File Sound File
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