CSE231 Honor Project

see a working version of gomoku

pygame manual download

download slides

sample code

template to start with

how to draw a line

check point #1(Nov. 2): Get familiar with pygame and draw Gomoku board

check point #2(Nov. 9): draw board with pieces according to the 2-dimensional list

check point #3(Nov. 16): keyboard interation: control cursor using keyboard

check point #4(Nov. 22): Test winning

put everything together, you program by Nov 22 should do the following things.
  1. draw a borard which has 15 x 15 cross points. Represent the board by using a 2-dimensional list
  2. draw a cursor that can be control by keyboard.
  3. after a piece is placed, test whether this is a winning move(5 pieces in a row)
  4. update board list
  5. redraw board and piece based on current board list

check point #final: simple AI