Research Statement

I have been working in the area of formal methods for software engineering for the past fifteen years. As software use continues to increase, including safety-critical applications, there is greater motivation for developing correct software. My research focuses on the development of techniques and tools to support the development of correct software. Beginning with my doctoral research at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the area of program synthesis, I have been working in the complementary areas of software engineering, including software specification, requirements analysis and modeling, reuse, reverse engineering, and program visualization of parallel and distributed systems. I established the Software Engineering Research Group (SERG) in 1990. With the addition of new faculty and resources, SERG has evolved into the Software Engineering and Network Systems Lab (SENS), involving 4 faculty members and approximately 12 students. In addition to the above-mentioned topics, SENS projects also explore the synergy between software engineering and distributed systems research.