Requirements Engineering (CSE491-602, Fall 2006)


Homework #2


Due September 19, 2006 (beginning of class)



1.     Read the brief description of the ReMoDD system and its requirements (below).  Based on the discussions in class and the description, create and specify three additional requirements for the ReMoDD system. 


2.     Using a UML modeling tool, create a use case diagram for the six requirements specified in the following and the three additional requirements you specified as part of step 1.


3.     Document each use case by instantiating the use case template (below).


Brief Description of ReMoDD:


The ReMoDD (Repository for Model Driven Development) system will be an on-line repository for model driven development artifacts. These artifacts will include models of partial and complete systems, different types of UML models (e.g., class diagrams, sequence diagrams, and the other 9 types of diagrams), modeling patterns, descriptions of modeling notations, modeling exercises for classes, and modeling examples of both good and poor quality, source code for models, test cases for models. Artifacts may come from industry and academic organizations.  The repository may be distributed across multiple sites, but all of the artifacts should be accessible via one interface. The objective of the repository is to provide a single point of access to information on Model Driven Development for researchers, industry practitioners, and students.



1.     A non-registered user must register before using the repository.


2.     A repository administrator should be able to authorize user registration.


3.     All registered users should be able to browse the repository according to categories of artifacts, where the categories could be by application domain, stage of development (e.g., requirement versus design-level model), type of artifact (e.g., model, code, test case), academic vs industrial sources.


4.     Each artifact will have a set of possible manipulations, such as viewing a model in a UML editor or image viewer, viewing source code (with keywords highlighted), etc. It is possible for a given artifact to have more than one manipulator. For example, a source code file can be opened in a programming-language specific editor or it can be printed as a PDF file.


5.     A registered user should be able to retrieve artifacts directly from the ReMoDD  using one of its manipulators to access it.


6.     A registered user should be able to search for artifacts by keyword, type, and application domain.


Use Case Template:


Use Case:



Name of actors interacting with current use case


Description of the goals, objective, services provided by use case


Primary (essential) or secondary


Name of use cases that the current use case includes  (common goal shared by 2 or more use cases)


Name of use cases that the current use case extends (the name of the normal scenario use case that the current use case extends)


Number of requirement that the current use case addresses

Use cases:

Enumerate use cases that are dependent upon the current one.