Review for Exam 2


Goal Modeling

     Goals vs non-goals (objective vs realization)

     Softgoals vs hard (functional) goals

     Constructing goal models

     KAOS goal mdeling

     KAOS vs i*


Detailed Behavioral modeling:

     States (simple, complex)

-      Hierarchical vs concurrent

-      Activity states (entry, internal action, exit)

-      Consistency checks

     Transitions (guard, events, action lists)

     SCR: be able to create the 3 different types of tables from property specifications

     SCR <-> State diagram

     Difference/commonalities between SCR and state machine models (when should you use what?)

     Consistency analysis?

     Model Checking Basics

-      What does it  mean?

-      What kinds of specification languages are used? How do they differ from propositional logic.

-      Challenge with Model checking?






Prioritizing Requirements (negotiation, etc.)



Create goal model

Create use case diagram from goal model

Create sequence diagram for use case

Create state diagram for a collection of sequence diagram.