Requirements Engineering

CSE491-602 (Fall 2006)

Instructor Information

Instructor: Dr. B. Cheng,
Class: T, Th,: 10:20-11:40, C-312 Wells Hall 

Office Hours:  T, Th: 11:40-12:10; or by appointment

TA: Heather Goldsby

Office Hours: M: 12-1 pm;  W: 1-2 pm; F: 12:30-2:00 pm; or by appointment

Course Objectives

Expose students to the rigorous  techniques in requirements engineering, with a focus on modeling and specification. Students will have an opportunity to work in teams in creating a requirements specification for an industrial project working with a customer from industry.  

Target Audience

The course is intended for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students who have had some previous exposure to the fundamentals of software engineering.

Course Information


Syllabus (in PDF)


Background Survey (submit by end of first day of class)



Lectures (updated 11/14/06)


Homework Assignments


Handouts and Related Links


Exams (Review for exam1, Review for exam2 >)



Project Information



UML References:

bullet Introduction to the Unified Modeling Language   (Rational Software; concise description of UML)
bullet UML 1.4 Reference (comprehensive description of UML 1.4)
bullet OMG  UML Resource Page (lots of information regarding notation, tools, case studies, etc.)
bullet UML Reference Card (UML 2.0, high-level overview of notation)

Software Links

UML (Unified Modeling Language):
    1. Rational - /soft/serg/ (Windows)
    2. ArgoUML -  (Mac, Linux, Windows)
    3. Poseidon - (Mac,  Linux, Windows)   
    4. Visio - (Windows)

    1. SCR (TBD)


For general course information, please contact Dr. B. Cheng (

For information regarding the grading of homework and project assignments, please contact the TA, Ms. Goldsby ( Any grading clarification or requests for regrading of assignments must be submitted in writing to the instructor (who will forward it to the TA).