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Call for

Formal Research Demonstration Proposals


October 27, 2003 due date for formal research demonstration  proposals.
December 15, 2003 notification date.
February 2, 2004 due date for final copy of two-page formal research demonstration description.


Research demonstrations enable conference participants to view research systems in action and to discuss these systems with their creators. These demonstrations are intended to show early, non-commercial implementations of novel software engineering concepts.

A demonstration area will be open to attendees at scheduled times during the conference. Demonstrators are expected to be available to give their demonstrations during these times. In addition, demonstrators can request to give a more formal, twenty minute presentation, that will be scheduled into the conference program.These formal research demonstration presentations are suitable for more mature demonstrations that can be communicated effectively to a large audience using projection technology.  Finally, 2 pages in the conference proceedings will be allocated for each formal research demonstration.

Please note that there is a separate submission and review process for Informal Research Demonstrations.

Review Process

The Formal Research Demonstrations Committee will review each submission using the standard ICSE criteria: originality, importance and generality of contribution, soundness of rationale or demonstration, quality of written and graphic presentation, and appropriate consideration of relevant literature.

Commercial products will not be accepted as subjects of  formal research demonstrations. A system that is destined to be a commercial product, but will not be available for sale for at least six months, may qualify as a formal research demonstration. Formal research demonstrations are not intended to be sales pitches, however, and thus should highlight the technical contributions. For further clarification, please contact the formal research demonstrations chair.


Demonstrators need to provide their own equipment. Electronic projection capabilities will be provided for the formal research demonstration presentations.

How to Submit

Proposals should briefly describe the technology or approach, how it relates to other industrial or research efforts, including references, and what are the expected benefits.  The format for proposals for formal research demonstrations are:

Send To

Proposals for formal research demonstrations should be sent to:

Dr. Betty H.C. Cheng
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University
3115 Engineering Building
East Lansing, MI 48824 USA
FAX: 517-355-8344
email: chengb@cse.msu.edu (email is the preferred medium for submitting proposals)