CSE335 Project 1

Game: Eat The Fish!!

Objective: Controll the predator fish to eat as many prey in one minute as you can

Players will use the keypad to move a sparty fish around the aquarium to eat prey of different point values. Bubbles fish are worth 1 one point each and Dory fish are worth 10 points each. The player will have 60 seconds to get as many points as they can. To add to the challenge of the game, there is also a 'Super Predator' Nemo fish that chases the sparty fish and will eat it and end the game if it catches sparty. In the upper left hand corner of the screen, there is a scoreboard that will include a countdown timer of time left and the current score. If the user makes a top 3 high score the game will include it to the list of high

Project Decisons:
Treasure chest: Chest will open and bubbles will accelerate to the surface until the hit the surface.
Schooling: There is a leader that the rest of the fish follow in rows of 3
Predators: Will follow and eat the closest pery to it during non game mode. In game mode, the predator will be controlled with the arrow keys and the super predator will always swim towards the predator controlled by the player.
Prey will swim away from the closest predator to it, if that prey is within 50 pixels of it. If there are no predators within 50 pixels, the prey will continue to swim on the path it is currently on. If the prey is at the edge it will stay there.

Team members:

Ryan Casler: Part 1: Tasks - Scrolling, Predator and prey, and website
 Files - ItemVisitor.h, BubbleVisitor.h, BubbleVisitor.cpp, DoryVisitor.h, DoryVisitor.cpp, Aquarium.cpp, Aquarium.h, ChildView.h, ChildView.cpp
 Part 2: Tasks - Predator movement with arrow keys, scrolling of tank when predator moves, spawning of predator in correct place.
 Files - Childview.cpp, ChildView.h, Aquarium.h, Aquarium.cpp

Min Weng: Part 1:Tasks - Scrolling, visitor class and schooling of fish
 Files - BetaFishVisitor.h, BetaFishVisitor.cpp, Aquarium.cpp, Item.cpp, Childview.cpp, ItemVisitor.h, ItemVisitor.cpp, SchoolVisitor.h, SchoolVisitor.cpp
 Part 2: Tasks - Game functionality, scoring, spawning of predator in correct place.
 Files - Game.cpp, Game.h, Aquarium.h, Aquarium.cpp

Nicole Lawrence: Part 1: Tasks - Scrolling and Treasure chest opening with bubbles
 Files - AnimatedChest.h, AnimatedChest.cpp, Item.h, Item.cpp Aquarium.cpp, ChildView.cpp
 Part 2: Tasks - Timer class and active clock
 Files - Timer.h, Timer.cpp, Aquarium.cpp, Aquarium.h

Mohamadou Diatta: Part 1: Tasks - Visitor class and predator and prey
 Files - ItemVisitor.h, NemoVisitor.h, SpartyVisitor.cpp, DoryVisitor.h, DoryVisitor.cpp, Aquarium.cpp, Aquarium.h, ChildView.h, ChildView.cpp

 Part 2: Tasks - Respawning of fish when eaten, fish run away only at when predator is within a set distance, adding to score when fish are eaten.
 Files - Aquarium.h, Aquarium.cpp, Fish.h, Fish.cpp,