Project 1 | Team Argyle

Team Members:

Anthony D'Onofrio
David Ward
Hayden Boroski


Anthony - Transportation, Visitors: Battle, TileDestroy, EndGame
David - Commerce, Health of all tiles and Sparty health generation
Hayden - Power, Visitors: Spawn, Movement
Team - General design and all functions in CFrame, CTile, CCity
       (All teamwork completed on Hayden Boroski's computer, hence the svn repo signifying his name as last updater).

Interface Decisions:

The added tiles include Industry, Warehouses, and Houses. The commerce system also incorporates the Blacksmith Shop and Market Tiles. The trump system has no effect on the economy.
Additionally, custom tiles were created for the game including Spawn and Wolverine. Beaumont was added as the "Tower" in our Tower Defense game.

Game Instructions:

Game play starts immediately after launching program. The red "Spawn" tiles surround the city and mark the border of allowed placements for your tiles. Every five seconds new Wolverine tiles are generated (with a random health) at a random rate via the Spawn tiles. These tiles are created all around your city and move up from the bottom, down from the top, right from the left and left from the right edge of the screen (N, S, E, W).

To protect your city, you must first build Factories, Markets and Homes to generate a happy society. Once this is done you can then drag your defenders down (Sparties!!!). Sparties are created with a randomized health routine so you never know how effective they will be. No tiles regenerate health. All tiles slowly die as they're being attacked. Buildings can also be used as a defense as they all take time to destroy but do not require the city to be in good condition to build.

At any time you can save your game and all current settings, tile placements and score will be saved for you to be able to come back to at a later date.

This game is a high score game. You only lose when Beaumont Tower has been overrun by the evil UofM Wolverine tiles. Once Beaumont Tower has been destroyed you will be alerted via a message box and the game will be over. Immediately thereafter a new game is created automatically and begins.

Game Proposal:

Our game will be a turned base tower defense game. On start, there will be a system city file that is loaded containing Beaumont Tower in the middle, with "creation zones" on the top and bottom of the city. The city will be fixed size and a user will not be able to drop tiles on the outside of these creation zones (marking the border of the city). Every move the following things happen:

  • A random amount of wolverines will be generated to attack Beaumont Tower adjacent to the creation zones. As well as being randomly created the number of moves to battle with them will be randomly assigned as well.
  • Already created wolverines will move along straight paths towards Beaumont Tower. If they run into an object other than a Sparty they will stay there until that tile is destroyed. Each tile has a set number of turns a wolverine must be next to it before it is destroyed. Each turn removes a health point.
  • Sparty tiles will fight back against Wolverine tiles. Sparties on creation are given a randomly assigned health value. This is the number of turns it can survive being attacked from a Wolverine. When a Wolverine is blocked by a Sparty they "fight". Each turn removes a health point from each Sparty and Wolverine that are adjacent to each other. At the end of processing the fights, any tiles which have a zero or negative health point value are removed.
  • Beaumont Tower has 15 health points. Once a point is gone it cannot be returned. If Beaumont Tower reaches zero from a turn of attacks GAME OVER.
  • Sparty tiles can be built at anytime the economy is considered to be in good shape. If the economy is bad, then you must build up your city to resolve the economy. On the next turn you'll then be able to build Sparty tiles.

***There is no win strategy. Winning is simply a high-score, based on how many Wolverines you kill