CSE 335: Team Sandals

Members and Responsibilities:

Samantha Bentzel: Make the website and implement the Prey feature to the aquarium. Also managed SVN: bentzels

David Pusdesris: Implement the scrolling and Predator features to the aquarium.

Ashlee Deline: Create the visitor pattern and implement the Reporting feature to the aquarium.

Game Description

Sandals has decided to create a game where the predator Nemo and the predator Beta chase after their preferred prey (Nemo -> Dory and Beta -> Molly) . The user must select Game from the drop down menu. The Aquarium will then remove all current items. The reporting window will explain the game. The Aquarium will add ten Molly and ten Dory fish. The user will then be requested to add at least one predator. The Nemo or Beta (or both) will chase after their specified prey. The reporting window will keep track of the score. Once either Nemo or the Beta has consumed all of their ten specified prey, all the fish will be deleted, the winner will be announced on the reporting window, and a Treasure Chest will appear.