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Effects component

The effects componenet implemented the Compression/Limiting, Chorus, Reverberation and Flanging effects. The audio was passed in from the musical synthesizer components and the output was the audio with the specified effect (from the XML file) added onto it.

Component passes audio: 10
Chorus Effect implemented: 10
Reverberation Effect implemented: 10
Flanging Effect implemented: 10
Compression/Limiting Effect: 0
Controllable Effects send: 5

Was able to get half of the controllable effects working but the sound gets cut off. Wasn't able to read the score file to work with the effects for each instrument.
Every instrument had a different implementation of they generated the audio so it was hard for me to come up with a way to abstract this into the effects component.
As for the score file the implementation was to read the effects send and choose which effect was to be implmented based on this. The effects were represented by the
instrument tag.

Effects Score File