Lab Rules
All students of Dr. Alex X. Liu should follow the following rules.

Zero Text Reuse Policy

Without quotation or SIGNIFICANT paraphrasing, the use of ANY sentence from other people's work (e.g., paper, article, Internet document, etc), even with citation, in your paper constitutes plagiarism. No exception. Paraphrasing needs to be significant. Trivial paraphrasing other people's sentence still constitutes plagiarism.

Without quotation or paraphrasing or modification, any sentence/example/figure from our own prior papers either published or intended for future publication, no matter what section the the sentence is from and no matter the prior paper has been published or not, is strictly prohibited from being used in any submission of a different paper. Zero tolerance, period, no exceptions. Even for a submission addressing the same issue as our own prior paper, we have to rewrite the introduction, related work, etc, at least paraphrasing. For text that a slight change may alter the precise meaning, such as the definition of FDDs, we must use quotations. Paraphrasing includes the use of different words/notations. Any sentence that is copied from our own different paper and that you find no solution to paraphrase must be reported to me for resolution. This rule MUST be strictly enforced by each of you in preparing your draft. Each of you needs to read the article "Avoiding plagiarism, self-plagiarism, and other questionable writing practices: A guide to ethical writing".

Instruction for the Additional Infomation of Our Papers
Instruction for the Journal Versions of Our Papers
Group Seminar
Reference Format

When you edit the references (.bib files), please follow the following rules.

Tex Editor Configuration
Literature Research
Instructions for setting up SVN client


Instructions for deleting, moving, and renaming files and directories in SVN
What files to upload to SVN server?
Instructions for establishing a tunnel

This instruction assumes that you are using putty for ssh.

After you follow the above steps, the tunnel profile has been created.

When you set up SVN remotely, use 'localhost' as the host name instead of Putty will forward the request to tiger through the tunnel.

How to prepare Ph.D. Qualifying Examination´╝č
How many credits to register after passing your comprehensive exam´╝č