Software packages available from the SENS Laboratory

  • AdaptiveJava
    A prototype language that extends Java with behavioral reflection.
  • MetaSockets
    Meta-morphic sockets in Java that enable dynamic adaptation in existing Java applications with minimum modification.
  • ACT (Adaptive CORBA Template)
    A framework that enables interoperation among otherwise incompatible middleware frameworks.
  • TRAP/J (Transparent Reflective Aspect Programming in Java)
    A toolkit for generating application-specific adaptation infrastructure and weaving the infrastructure into an existing Java application transparently with respect to the application source code.
  • Service Clouds
    An extensible overlay-based infrastructure for composing autonomic communication services.
  • Requirements Patterns for Embedded Systems
    structural and behavioral templates for modeling embedded systems
  • Automatic Addition of Fault-Tolerance to Distributed Programs
    A tool for automated addition of fault-tolerance. This tool takes the (abstract version of the) fault-intolerant version of the program, its specification and faults as input. The output consists of the (abstract version of the) fault-tolerant program.
  • Composing Distributed Fault-tolerance Components
    A tool enabling one to dynamically add/remove distributed components to/from a running program. This tool focuses on dependency relation between the components being added/removed to ensure that these dependency relations are satisfied during composition.
  • TDMA Service for Sensor Networks
    A TDMA service for Berkeley motes that can be customized for different communication patterns observed in a sensor network.
  • The Universe Model
    The Universe Model for for improving the modularity and reliability of concurrent programs.