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Top 10 reasons to be a Prippie

10. Unlimited print and disk quotas for an indefinite period of time.

9. Pointer provided for all PRIP presentations.

8. Always looking for the best threshold value.

7. PRIP is a perfect, self-contained, closed environment to do research - the lab doesn't even have windows.

6. You think you can survive anywhere? Try PRIP!

5. Best known cure for hypotension (low blood pressure) through intense pressure.

4. Even if the rest of the CSE facilities are empty, count on someone being in the prip lab. We aim to please, staffing the lab nearly 24 hours a day.

3. Bad cases of insomnia are appreciated and encouraged.

2. PRIP is an exclusive joint to meet other social outcasts.

1. You get to join the "Possibly Retarded but Interesting People's " group (and you get the title "prippie" to boot).


Before They Were Prippies!

This section is under construction. If we cannot laugh at others, we can at least laugh at ourselves. Can you recognize these prippies??!!



The PRIP lab used to boast of a number of well qualified bachelors of various nationalities, who were seeking (well hoping for a miracle ) their true match in life. Most of these "bachelors" have actually found their true match (courtesy: this webpage!). A few (alas), sadly remain. Pictures are provided for your reference, and in the hope that someday, somewhere a miracle might occur. If you are a Prippie and want your picture to be added to the list, please send mail to pripweb@cse.msu.edu.

Prip lab gets a face-lift !!

The "Trusty" Old The new Gizmo