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What is Women in Computing?

Michigan State University Women in Computing (MSU WIC) is an organization of students and faculty (both men and women) who work to recruit, support and retain women in computing fields. If you are interested in computing, we would love to see you at our next meeting.

We host many events during the semester, including tech talks from visiting companies (every other Thursday), hackathons, Girl Scout workshops, web development workshops, and more. Check out our calendar to keep up to date.

Recent News

E-Board Opportunities

September 26th, 2014

If you're interested in running for an E-Board position in the spring, here is a quick run down of the various positions' responsibilities:

  • President
    • Run e-board and general meetings
    • Send regular emails to members about upcoming events
    • Regularly correspond with all e-board members to make sure everything is running smoothly
    • Find sources of funding and meeting opportunities
    • Attend SEC and SOCC Meetings
    • Connect with MCWT
    • Basically act a little bit in every role: be aware of what is going on and help wherever needed
  • Vice-President
    • Fill in for President when she is not able to be present
    • Help the president with any tasks (e.g. Picks up extra tasks)
    • Willing to help with all WIC events, outreach, etc.
    • Mentor/help the junior members.
    • Promote WIC to every external source possible
    • In charge of organizing WIC attendance to Grace Hopper and MICWIC events
  • Corporate Relations
    • Schedule companies to come to general meetings for tech talks
    • Find sources of funding and meeting opportunities
    • Cultivate relationships with corporate reps at career fairs and from previous interactions on behalf of the club
    • Have people who interned give contact info to corporate relations
    • Make sure the Center knows this is who to contact!
  • Treasurer
    • Manage the bank accounts
    • Inform the other officers of the state of the budget
    • Work with advisor to get funds from companies deposited in one of the bank accounts
    • Pay for expenses
    • File the receipts
    • Food!
  • Secretary
    • Maintain the mailing list
    • Keep minutes of meetings
    • Making flyers for upcoming meetings and workshops
    • Sending out emails reminding of upcoming events (WIC BITS)
    • Social Media Promoting (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.)
    • Update Website as needed
  • Community Relations
    • Talk briefly in lower-division CS classes to recruit new members
    • Represent MSU WIC at one of the EGR organization nights
    • Post flyers around campus advertising MSU WIC
    • Help plan and put on internal events (ACM, etc)
    • Help to connect with other organizations on and off campus
  • Outreach
    • Plan and organize outreach events
      • Girl Scouts Workshop
      • K-12 Outreach
      • Impressions 5

Welcome, New E-Board!

April 8th, 2014

WIC would like to welcome and congratulate the new e-board members for the 2014-2015 school year!

  • President: Erin Hoffman
  • Vice President: Caitlin McDonald
  • Corporate Relations: Ashlee DeLine
  • Treasurer: Neha Gupta
  • Secretary: Abigael Onchiri
  • Community Relations: Lauren Kelley
  • Outreach: Elizabeth Florian
Thanks to this year\'s e-board members!

Technology Workshop!

November 7th, 2013

Do you want your students to learn how to design and create their OWN website? Invite them to the MSU Women in Computing (WIC) workshop, and we'll teach them some basic tools to help them make websites. We'll also be teaching some basic Scratch programming.

Who: Any middle to high school age girl interested in Computer Science! Although this workshop is geared toward older students, we also welcome younger students.

When: Saturday, November 16th from 10:00 AM-2:00 PM. Please bring your own lunch.

Where: Room 3105 Engineering Building, Michigan State University. Parking is available in visitor lot 39 on this map.

Important: Please have interested students RSVP here, also fill out this form and make sure they bring it with them the day of the workshop.