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Workshop on Development
and Learning


Although not required, each invited workshop attendant is encouraged to submit a paper that contains one or both of the following components:

Invitee's vision, position, understanding, comments or some major challenges that the invitee has met in research with regard to one or more of the four workshop topics.

The research work by the author(s) (or others) that illustrates what explained above.

The accepted papers will appear in the workshop proceedings.   The size of the paper can range from 1 up to 10 proceeding pages.  

Each scheduled talk will have an abstract (about one page) in the proceeding.

The page size is 8.5" by 11" in 2-column format. The format information is available at http://www.aaai.org/Publications/Templates/macros-link.html.   To submit, send electronic PS file, PDF file or Word file to stockma1@msu.edu and weng@cse.msu.edu.  

The deadline for the paper submission was November 30, 1999.

The deadline for abstract submission is March 10, 2000



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Last modified: 12, 2001

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