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Workshop on Development
and Learning

Participant List

The following is a partial list of participants.  This list is under construction.

Narendra Ahuja.  University of Illinois, Urbana.  Computer vision and robotics.
Alok Gupta.   Siemens Corporate Research.  Human computer interface, computer vision.
Ronald Arkin. Georgia Institute of Technology. Behavior-based robots.
Dana H. Ballard.   Rochester University.  Animal and machine learning, information theoretic models of neural codes.
Neil E. Berthier.  University of Massachusetts at Amherst.  Perceptual and motor development in infants, neural control of movement, learning by real and artificial agents.
Cynthia L. Breazeal. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Developmental models of communication skills, human-robot communication, affective interfaces.
Christopher M. Brown.   Rochester University. Computer vision, learning, and development.
Susan Carey. New York University. Cognitive development, language acquisition, face perception, perceptual change in childhood, primate cognition.
Thomas H. Carr. Michigan State University. Attention and skilled performance, cognitive and neural substrates of language and motor skills.
Rachel Clifton.   University of Massachusetts at Amherst.  Infant reaching, coordination of vision and reaching, cognitive development, motor planning, reasoning about physical objects and events.
Gerald M. Edelman. The Scripps Research Institute, Department of Neurobiology.
Developmental biology, neural development.
Kurt Fischer. Harvard Graduate School of Education. Dynamics of cognitive and emotional development and learning, Methods for assessing change and variation.
Stan Franklin. The University of Memphis. Mechanisms of mind, computational models of cognition, "conscious" software agents.
Tony Jebara.  M.I.T.. Audio-visual interaction learning, conditional or discriminative estimation methods.
Stephen Grossberg. Boston University. Computational neuroscience, connectionist cognitive science, cortical development and learning.
Roderic A. Grupen. University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Robotics, computational model of sensorimotor development.
Ian Horswill. Northwest University. Autonomous robots, vision and natural language
John Henderson. Michigan State University. Visual cognition in humans, psychology.
Thomas S. Huang. University of Illinois, Urbana. Computer vision, human computer interface.
Anil K. Jain. Michigan State University. Pattern recognition and computer vision.
Jon Kaas. Vanderbilt University.  Functional organization of sensory and motor systems in the primate brain, and the extent and mechanisms of developmental and adult plasticity in these systems.
Leslie P. Kaelbling. Brown University. Reinforcement learning, robotics.
Steve Levinson.  University of Illinois, Urbana.  Speech recognition, speech synthesis, natural language understanding.
Sridhar Mahadevan. Michigan State University. Reinforcement learning, sequential decision making under uncertainty, autonomous robots.
Maja J. Mataric. University of Southern California. Group behavior, imitation, and learning in autonomous robots
Michael M. Merzenich.   University of California at San Francisco.  Functional self-organization of brain representations underlying learning, learned disabilities, and their remediation.
James McClelland. Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition, Carnegie Mellon University. Parallel distributed models, learning and memory.
Alex P. Pentland. M. I. T.. Computer vision, learning and human computer interface.
Kim Plunkett. Oxford University. Cognitive Neuroscience: language acquisition, psycholinguistics, artificial intelligence, computational models of language and cognitive development; artificial neural networks.
Tomaso Poggio. M. I. T.. Animal and machine learning, object recognition, computer vision.
Fathi M. Salam.  Michigan State University, learning and adaptive algorithms, vestibular neural modeling, and micro-electronic implementations.
Brian Scassellati. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Humanoid robotics, developmental models of social skills and autism.
Nestor A. Schmajuk. Duke University. Neural network models for animal learning.
Gregor Schoner.   Centre de Recherche en Neurosciences Cognitives (CNRS), Marseille, France.   Biological movement, perception, cortical neurophysiology and autonomous systems.
Olaf Sporns.   The Neurosciences Institute, San Diego. Theoretical and experimental neurobiology, embodied neural models.
George Stockman. Michigan State University, computer vision, human computer interface, artificial intelligence.
Mark S. Strauss.   University of Pittsburgh.  Infant perceptual and cognitive development, particularly the development of concepts such as numbers and gender.
Ida Stockman. Michigan State University,developmental psychology and child developmental disorders.
Mariganka Sur.  M.I.T..  Neuroscience.  Plasticity in the visual thalamus and cortex. Mechanisms underlying the development and plasticity of connections in the visual pathway
Esther Thelen. Indiana University. Motor development, infant development, developmental psychology.
Sebastian Thrun. Carnegie Mellon University, "lifelong" learning methods for robots.
David Touretzky. Computer Science Department, Carnegie Mellon University. Computational neuroscience, animal learning.
Alex Waibel. Interactive Systems Lab, Carnegie Mellon University. Speech Recognition, language processing, translation, multimodal interfaces, human computer interaction.
Juyang Weng. Michigan State University. Computer vision, learning, development, robotics.
Ning Xi. Michigan State University. Robotics and human machine interaction.
Jun Zhang. University of Michigan, Mathematical psychology and computational neuroscience, learning, machine interaction.


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