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CSE Colloquium Series Archives

Please visit the Fall 2009 Colloquim Series Web page for information about upcoming talks.

Spring 2009 Schedule

Kyle Ingols, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Practical Attack Graph Generation for Network Defense
Friday, February 6. Host: Colloquium Committee

Michael Zhivich, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Improving Software Security and Robustness Using Automated Testing
Friday, February 20. Host: Colloquium Committee

Sailesh Kumar, Cisco Research
Algorithms for High Speed Network Data Processing
Friday, February 27. Host: Alex Liu

Jianying Hu, IBM Research
Clustering Problems in Business Analytics
Friday, March 6. Host: Anil Jain

David Yau, Purdue University
Optimization of Threat-based Mobile Coverage
Friday, March 6. Host: Guoliang Xing

Song Jiang, Wayne State University
Supporting High Performance I/O with Effective Caching and Prefetching
Friday, March 20. Host: Li Xiao

Haesun Park, Georgia Institute of Technology
Linear Discriminant Analysis for Dimension Reduction and Visualization of Clustered High Dimensional Data
Friday, April 3. Hosts: Pan-Ning Tan and Anil Jain

Vibeke Sorensen, University of Buffalo, Suny
New Minds
Friday, April 3. Host: Laura Dillon

Kai Hwang, University of Southern California
Web-Scale Cloud Computing with Virtual Clusters
Friday, April 10. Host: Li Xiao

Benjamin Kuipers, University of Michigan
Autonomous Robot Learning of Foundational Representations
Friday, April 17. Host: John Weng

Andrew Gordon, University of Southern California
Using Millions of Weblog Stories as a Knowledge Base
Friday, April 24. Host: Joyce Chai

Sam Ramji, Microsoft Corporation
Open Source at Microsoft: The Past, Present and Future
Friday, May 1. Hosts:Titus Brown and MSU Libraries, Computing and Technology

Fall 2008

Fazli Can, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey
New Event Detection and Tracking in a Multi-Resource Web Environment
August 29. Host: Joyce Chai

JC Mao, Yahoo! Labs
Search and Advertising Sciences: An Introduction
October 3. Host: Anil Jain

Shipeng Yu, Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc.
Theory and Applications of Bayesian Co-Training
October 17. Host: Rong Jin

Tao Xie, North Carolina State University
Fitness-Guided Path Exploration in Automated Test Generation
November 7. Host: Laura Dillon

Anthony Finkelstein, University College London
Computational Challenges of Systems Biology
November 19. Host: Laura Dillon

Atul Prakash, University of Michigan
From online banking to social networks: analyzing security in real-world systems
November 21. Host: Alex Liu

Kevin W. Bowyer, Notre Dame University
Next-Generation Iris Biometrics
November 21. Host: Anil Jain